Lace Hoecakes

Lace hoecakes are a crispy fried cornmeal cake or cracker.

Soup Beans

Soup Beans is an Appalachian dish, made with beans and pork fat.


I’m going to be taking a break from recipe development for a few weeks. We are trying to get our house ready to sell by the end of the summer and there are lots of projects I need to focus on to get that done. Summer also isn’t exactly prime bean eating weather, so I…

Senate Bean Soup

Senate bean soup is a ham and bean soup, served in the U.S. Senate cafeteria every day.


Prebranac is a Serbian baked bean dish.


Pasulj is a Serbian bean soup or stew, with root vegetables and sausage.

Che Dou Den

Che Dou Den is a cold Vietnamese dessert, based on rice and beans.


Azukigayu a Japanese rice and adzuki bean porridge.