Pasulj is a Serbian bean soup or stew, with root vegetables and sausage.

Fabada Asturiana

Fabada Asturiana is a Spanish dish or beans, sausage and pork.

Portuguese Feijoada

Feijoada is a Portuguese dish consisting of beans and several different cuts of pork and sausage.

Feijoada à Brasileira

Feijoada is a Brazilian dish, consisting of black beans and several different pork products.


Fagiolata is an Italian dish with Beans and Sausage.

Jókai Bean Soup

Jókai bean soup is a Hungarian bean soup, named after author Jókai Mór.


Bouneschlupp is a Luxembourgish green bean soup.

15 Bean Soup

A 15 Bean Soup recipe for use in a slow cooker.