Guernsey Bean Jar

Guernsey Bean Jar is a traditional dish from the island of Geurnsey, consisting of beans and pork, slowly simmered together.

Senate Bean Soup

Senate bean soup is a ham and bean soup, served in the U.S. Senate cafeteria every day.


Pasulj is a Serbian bean soup or stew, with root vegetables and sausage.


Patjuk is a Korean red bean and rice porridge.

Shiruko /Zenzai

Shiruko or Zenzai is a Japanese dish, made of adzuki beans and sugar.

Amish Preaching Soup, version 2

Amish Preaching Soup is a ham and bean soup, traditionally served before or after Amish church services. This is a milk based version of my original recipe.

Jókai Bean Soup

Jókai bean soup is a Hungarian bean soup, named after author Jókai Mór.

Hong Dou Tang

Hong Dou Tang is a Chinese sweet red bean soup, served as a dessert.


Fasolada is a Greek or Cypriot bean and tomato soup with lots of olive oil added.


Bouneschlupp is a Luxembourgish green bean soup.